Service Design and UX Design: What’s the Difference?

Don’t worry, you’re in good company—finding your way around the many disciplines and specializations in today’s design world is a job in itself. And to make things more difficult, job descriptions and industry trends are shifting on a monthly basis.

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Design History

Learning in the Bauhaus School: 5 Lessons for Today’s Designers

The news that Harvard University has put over 32,000 digitised Bauhaus School works online set the creative world buzzing recently. We explore what the movement was about, and set out how contemporary web design continues to show Bauhaus influences.

What On Earth Is A Brutalist Website? 5 Lessons from Brutalism

Last year, the Washington Post reported that “the hottest trend in Web design is making intentionally ugly, difficult sites”, an approach which they called “web brutalism”. But is this what Brutalism, a twentieth-century architectural movement, was really going for?

The Dada Movement: 5 Lessons For Today’s Designers

Perhaps the most significant challenge when talking or writing about Dada is to settle on a definition, and in trying to define it we probably impose more coherence on the movement than its short and fragmentary existence really warrants.

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Design Thinking

Great Design Thinkers: Frank Chimero on The Shape Of Design

Frank Chimero is best known for his beautiful and insightful book The Shape of Design, which has recently been reissued in paperback and is also available to read online for free. In this article, we’ll explore 4 key lessons from Chimero’s work.

3 Obsolete 1990s UX Design Classics That we Love

We’ll examine the Psion Series 3 line of palmtop computers, the much-loved Nokia 5110 cellphone, and the PalmPilot personal digital assistant (PDA), the last of which helped to push the mobile device sector towards embracing touch screens and gesture input.

Great Design Thinkers: Tim Brown on Design Thinking

Tim Brown is CEO and President of IDEO, a global design and innovation firm founded in 1991. He is best known for his work advancing user-centred design—and in particular for developing the idea of “design thinking”.

Industry Trends

What does the iPhone X’s AR engine mean for UX Designers?

Apple today announced the latest iteration of the iPhone—the iPhone X. The arrival of iOS 11 delivers something significant: a mainstream, mass-market mobile product that for the first time has an Augmented Reality (AR) engine baked right into the OS.

Are Notifications a Dark Pattern? (TL;DR: Yes)

Have you ever had a nightmare where you were literally drowning in little red notification badges? I did once, and it got me thinking: what actually are notifications? And are they just another dark pattern—a form of coercion and online trickery?

3 Product Design Predictions For 2018

In this piece, we explore some upheavals in the tech world that might come sooner rather than later, manifesting a reaction against products and corporations that are increasingly perceived as both too powerful and too self-serving.

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