I mentor students in UX & graphic design fundamentals.

Bringing experience from my time teaching university classes and community music, I aim to adopt an affiliative mentoring style—asking questions, and exploring ideas together.


“I was so happy with my mentor. Andrew really went above and beyond to make this a great experience for me, I couldn’t have asked for anyone better.” —Marissa

“It all comes down to the mentor experience. He has been an invaluable resource. I loved learning from a working designer and getting to see his process. He has been encouraging and generous with his knowledge and constructive feedback. Great experience!” —Adrienne

“Not only does Andrew leave detailed feedback very promptly after my submissions, his comments both acknowledge effort and suggest areas of improvement. I am already applying much of what he has said to both my job and my work on the course.” —Stuart

“Our one-on-ones felt like a collaborative process—even though I am a complete beginner I feel respected and in control of my learning. Starting in this field from scratch can make one feel a bit vulnerable, so I really appreciate the open and encouraging vibe I get from Andrew.” —Adrienne

“Overall great mentor. Not only does he help with the Designlab coursework but also puts in the time to help me with design questions outside of the course.” —Clara

“Andrew was awesome, encouraging and supportive! Would have loved to have carried on learning with him. Was great!” —Jess

“I really enjoyed working with Andrew. He was very encouraging, offered timely and detailed feedback and insightful suggestions. Thank you Andrew!” —Char

“Andrew is awesome, he gave me feedback through annotations on my work and we talked through them during our calls. He also gave me tips on how to overcome obstacles I faced. It was a very useful and helpful experience—I look forward to the next one!” —Aishea

“Andrew was an excellent mentor. He gave very good feedback and pointed me to numerous resources to supplement my learning. Our weekly meetings were great; I enjoyed them immensely.” —Eric