Branding, logo design, and custom typography for a launderette offering opportunities to those leaving prison.

It’s Slang For Soap


Full Angle

Event concept, brand, and marketing rollout for a slick snooker expo to reach the young adult market.

I’m Famed For My Aim



Handmade artwork, poster, and programme for a film and concert about Olivier Messiæn’s Quatuor Pour la Fin du Temps.

Words And Wire


Throwback Eyewear

Packaging design for hipster sunglasses, including artwork of eccentric spectacle-wearing characters from TV and film.




City branding concept based around vernacular language, energetic graphics, and friendly colours.

That’s Well Leicester


Hackney: People and Place

Editorial design with infographics for a corporate report on Hackney, a borough of north London.

Urban Layers


Thinking Errors

CBT-based campaign concept for CALM, a charity working to prevent suicide amongst young men.

The Little Voice


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